Urban Studies + Design

As an expansion of my dissertation, my book project titled The People’s Park: Work, the Body, and the Built Environment in Radical Postwar Placemaking traces the origins of insurgent park creation as a widespread tactic of civil disobedience in the late Vietnam War era. Using oral history interviews and archival research from collections across fiveContinue reading “Urban Studies + Design”

The Italian Food University

My second stop after visiting my faculty advisor, Professor Simone Cinotto, in Torino, was visiting the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy.  As you can see from the photo, there’s just about nothing in Pollenzo except for this gorgeous castle-turned school/hotel, a scattering of homes and businesses to the right, and miles and milesContinue reading “The Italian Food University”

The USA Pavilion – Happy 4th!

In honor of American Independence Day, I wanted to give you some details about the US Pavilion at the Milan Expo!  In contrast to the USA pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010 (I’ll give you a better comparative study another day), this pavilion not only has corporate sponsors but also government funds whichContinue reading “The USA Pavilion – Happy 4th!”