The People’s Archive: An Oral History Podcast

Since 2020 I have been recording oral history interviews with people in South Korea on issues of identity, inequality, and social justice. With the help of several student assistants, we are finally able to release this project to the public!


In the next few weeks, we will be releasing more than half a dozen interviews with individuals who identify as genderqueer, nonbinary, trans, and/or queer in South Korea. We are privileged to interview some leaders in Seoul’s queer scene, including queer activist Heezy Yang/Hurricane Kimchi, drag/burlesque performer Maia Pussy Sparkles, and fashion models Taylor T and Jungle. The season also features more intimate portraits, including a conversation with a young college graduate recently escaping conversation therapy as well as a feminist father reflecting on his bisexuality in a heterosexual marriage.

The season interrogates the tensions of existence for marginalized groups in a conservative cultural climate, including self-love celebrations and unpacking the traumas of parental shaming and social stigma. Stay tuned for the release of Season 1 in Spring of 2023!

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