Coffee is simple

I love coffee.  I drink it everyday – all day.  I like to dip my doughnuts in it.  I like to sip it in small glasses from hipster coffee shops.  I like it from Italian highway rest areas.  I like coffee.

It is sometimes difficult to communicate to other people what type of coffee you would like.  For example, I like to order a doppio with a splash of hot milk.  This is not a latte.  This is not a macchiato (in America).  This is a cortado in a to-go cup.  But if espresso isn’t an option, how much milk do I ask for?  Well how strong is your coffee?

Wired has suggested that I “taste coffee like a pro” by using this detailed flavor wheel produced by Specialty Coffee Association of America.

SCAA_FlavorWheel.01.20.15-1024x628 2


However, I can honestly say I’ve never tasted the sour tobacco cereal undertones of my morning cup of joe.  I’m not sure if my taste buds are ready for that jump.

While I’ll definitely look to the flavor wheel when deciding my dinner options, my idea of a good cup of coffee is much simpler and almost never strays from country to country.  My perfect cup is Muhammad Ali holding a mug of hot lava.  It is the perfect complement to a doughnut, jammed biscuit, morning writing assignment, or a good book on the front porch.  (Clearly my Keurig is dysfunctional.)

coffee scale art


Where’s your perfect cup on my “Coffee Simplified” map?

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American Studies scholar/historian at the University of Utah, Asia Campus and blogger of my research on urban studies, food, visuality, and social justice and the connections between them.

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